You Have No Idea About That Banana Peel Can Solve These Six Health Problems!!

You all are very well aware of the health benefits of bananas, aren’t you? We generally throw away the peel after consuming the banana. But little did you realize about the health benefits of a banana peel.

Banana peels are actually good for you. There are several nutritional benefits of a banana peel that you can take advantage of.

The skin of a banana peel contains high amounts of vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 as well as magnesium and potassium. It also contains fibre and protein.

Banana peel has several other benefits that are more than what you imagined. Simply rubbing them on to your teeth can make your teeth turn sparkly white.

They are also known to have several other benefits like removing warts. Rubbing the peel on the affected area is all that is required.

Continue reading this article to know more about the top health benefits of banana peels and how you can use them.

1. Teeth Whitening:

Take a small part of a banana peel and run it on the teeth continuously for two weeks until you get positive results. This is known to make your teeth white without puncturing your pockets.

2. Removes Skin Warts:

If you’re affected by skin warts, this problem can be solved using a banana peel. You can run the banana peel on the affected area and it will be cleared off in a very short span.

3. Treatment Of Psoriasis:

Apply the peel on the psoriasis affected area. It has moisturizing properties that also help reduce itchiness. It quickly heals psoriasis and gives noticeable results in no time.

4. To Treat Sore Spots:

Banana peel is an analgesic agent. Hence, rubbing it on the sore spots on the body will help to relieve the pain and the spots.

5. For Weight Loss:

Yes, you can actually eat banana peels! Have two bananas every day for lunch and also consume its peel separately. Do not have dinner, as you need to let the peel get digested without any issues. It has been found out as per a study that a person can lose up to 5 pounds per month.

6. Heals Bug Bites:

Massaging the peel on the areas affected by mosquito bites, bed bug bites, etc., can be relieved instantly with the use of a banana peel.

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